Traditional Mediterranean Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Your Mediterranean bedroom needs to be tranquil and cool or inviting and warm according to the external atmosphere. Your Mediterranean styled curtain will help you set the needed mood, but you will need to choose the right color and fabric that will match your traditional Mediterranean room.

The traditional Mediterranean bedroom will be perfect with the natural raw material curtains that match the pale colored or rough plastered wall. Such a room will need crisp white cotton sheer curtain or colorful patterned one according to the look you opt to create into the room. The white sheers with wooden or wrought iron poles will create an informal, dreamy, and calming atmosphere. The privacy will be created by the external plain or stained shutters.

The colorful cotton curtain should match the colors of your bed linens and upholstered chairs that can be red, mustard yellow, royal blue, bright turquoise, crisp aqua, or deep green. Such curtains can be found in different designs to unify your traditional Mediterranean bedroom. If you have crisp white walls, you can opt for a bright colored or even wrought iron curtain. On contrary, the white curtain will be majestic decoration with the brown Mediterranean master bedroom.

You can place your own touch and place your creative ideas to come up with functional and decorative solutions. The awning, for example, will protect your bedroom from the harmful sunrays and let a reasonable amount of the air flow to refresh the room. Another creative idea to protect the room from the sunrays is to install adjustable exterior shutters to let the air and light enter the room and filter the exterior dust and heat. These shutters will isolate you from the external world to be able to enjoy the wonderful feeling of your Mediterranean home regardless the real surrounding environment.