Interior Design 4

Transform your Space with Kitchen Folding Panels

The idea of having a small kitchen can be the worst part in your home because you will not be able to move freely or store your appliances and utensils in a proper way. However, the modern designed kitchens have new ideas that will enable you organize you in a creative way. This article will discuss new and creative ways to save and transform your space.

The idea of folding panels is prevailing in both modern and traditional designs, but the modern style creates innovative usages for them. One of these innovative and smart ideas is to transform your space from a kitchen to a living area and vice versa. For example, you can define a small space in a large area as a kitchen and place your kitchen appliances side by side in that place. The function of the folding panel is to hide these appliances when they are not used.

You have different options for the worktops that will be multifunctional. You can use the table that can be folded down and stored as a worktop and dining area. Another option is to place a table with underneath storage space to serve as a kitchen island, a dining area, a desktop for your computer, or a meeting table. Accordingly, you can use the rest of the room as a home office, a meeting room, or a dining room beside the hidden kitchen.

Decorating such a space in the right way will help you transform the space easily. You can paint the room a light color accentuated with a matching dark color and paint the hidden kitchen area the same accent color of the room. The folding panel will trick the eye when it is painted the same color of the room from the clear part and a dark color from the hidden part. This way, you will increase the functionality and decorative look of one room into your small sized home.