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Trendy Bedroom Colors – Paint Colors

Bed room is the most private place for each individual where he or she seeks relaxation and rejuvenation. The quest in this article is how to pick proper trendy colors for the rooms of a home specially the bedroom.

There are a variety of colors and shades suitable for bedrooms such as blue and blue mixed with green. Another option is skin color tones suggested by Feng-Shui. A third option is neutral shades or earth toned colors, beside white and off-white, which are recommended for small rooms.

Paint differs according to their features, cost, and your own needs. There are five types of paint: Emulsion Paints, Distempers, Enamels, Primer, and Texture Paints.

Paint color selection is sometimes confusing as there are three ways to select colors. The first way is to look at the predominant color in furniture and fabrics, the second is just choosing the colors that reflect your personality, and the third way is looking at the type of the room that you want to paint.

Colors may reflect our personalities; e.g. red reflects aggression in your mood and actions, pink reflects romance, and white reflects simplicity.

Trendy bedroom color choices depend on the place you want to paint and its size. In living room colors should better work with furnishings. Dark blues, blacks, and reds should be avoided when it comes to kid’s room. Relaxation colors should be avoided in exercise room while they are recommended in bedrooms.

To conclude, colors affect our moods deeply so we should be careful when we make our choices. The factors that control our choice are our personality, uses of the room, furniture, and also our nationality.