Trendy and Gender-Friendly Kids Room Ideas Inspired from the Projects of Rena Feldman

The prevailing trend in decorating kids’ rooms is the gender-neutral spaces to match both the boys and girls. However, you can still decorate trendy gender-friendly kids’ rooms using innovative colors and providing your children independent personalities.

The traditional colors of kids’ rooms such as blue and pink are ideal options for nurseries and playrooms. In a Minneapolis nursery, Rena Feldman of INVIEW Interior Design team uses hardwood floor to complement the white and blue colors providing the place a balanced look.

The same family has a younger girl who loves reading and magical life. Accordingly, Rina Feldman chooses the purple color for the walls along with light pink beddings and area rug, built-in nightstands, resin storage spaces, and hardwood floor. The room has a play section that includes a seating area, a chalkboard, and a table.

If you need innovative ways to provide your kids’ room a new color providing the place a spacious look, it is a great idea to paint the room different color strips. Rena Feldman and her team decorate a bedroom for a 3-year boy with blue and grey strips, long floating shelves, and framed pictures for the child’s best moments.

The 3D, color changing, or illuminating wallpaper will be perfect for your children in this stage enhancing the trendy look of the place.

For the children above six years, you should consider their hobbies in designing their rooms. Rena Feldman decorates a fun sleepover with fresh colors including blue, red, orange, white, and black.

The custom bunk bed has integrated LED lighting fixtures and safe electric outlet to let the kids read or play before sleep time. To provide the place a personal look, INVIEW Interior Design team members customize a built-in to display the children’s favorite books and the first letters of their names.