Trendy Modern Rustic Living Space Ideas by Jordan Iverson

If you are a fan of the rustic warmth and sustainability of rustic home style providing the place a trendy look, this article is exactly for you. Jordan Iverson and his team will inspire you with a few ideas to combine such two styles professionally.

Your open design home with large windows and soaring ceiling is a perfect place to design a rustic modern living space. In Oregon, Jordan Iverson and his team design the Serendipity house with a double-height living space and an open-flame ethanol fireplace as a focal point.

The fireplace is made of reflective glass, stainless steel, and reclaimed wood to provide the room its inspiration. Iverson’s designers choose hardwood floor, rustic hickory cabinets along with floating vanities, quartz countertops, and etched-glass windows to combine all the aesthetic elements in a marvelous way.

The outdoor natural views can be a fascinating inspiration for your rustic modern home. Jordan Iverson and his team enhance the modernized natural look of a hilltop house using large wooden with transparent glass, a clean line glass fireplace above the coffee table, dark walnut floor, an area rug geometric shapes, and traditional patterned throw pillows.

Iverson applies the same concept in a hallmark residence using glossy wooden floor and patterned pillows along with modern seating and clean lines with a colorful painting focal point.

If your home has a small space, it will be an innovative idea to design a modern living space with a geometric shaped fireplace in the backyard to create a real connection with the nature. Instead, you can customize a focal point space with hidden storage above the fireplace just like such a Lincoln house designed by Jordan Iverson’s team. You can apply such eclectic and space saving ideas in your own home mixing rustic and modern elements, but make sure to combine these elements using one or more accessories.