Trendy Transparent Furniture Pieces for a Modern Small Apartment

The best way to give your small space an airy and spacious look is to use transparent furniture pieces. Such pieces are made of a combination of glass and acrylic to give the place a new dimension without interrupting the eye.

The transparent furniture pieces can be multi-functional to save more space in your small apartment keeping its trendy look. For example, the C table can serve as a laptop stand, a side table, or a bar chart, as it can be moved easily from a room to another.

The acrylic and glass furniture pieces will display your items uniquely. You can use a transparent bookcase or coffee table to display your collections of floating books in the bookcase and to install an indoor garden or aquarium at the bottom part of your coffee table, thus create a decorative and unique look in the place. The acrylic coffee table with an underneath storage box or pockets at the two sides to store magazines and remote controls will look perfect with patterned rugsand neutral colored walls.

Installing a transparent bathtub in your modern bathroom will give the place a breathtaking look, especially if you have 3D or even green or blue floor and wall tiles. You can even use colorful glass or acrylic bathtub to give you an illusion of having colorful water. If you need to create a unified look in your home, it will be a great idea to use glass tables and chairs with the same color of the room, as such furniture pieces come with the rainbow colors.

In your modern small home office, you can use acrylic desk and chairs with leather accents to provide the place an elegant and trendy look. The leather will create a special contrast in the place.

Pics Via : minimalisti