4 Tricks That Will Work Wonders in Your Small Kitchen

Although kitchen is the most essential part of our homes, we usually find that the space set for it is rather small. This makes working in kitchen and doing your usual chores a constant bother. As a result, we have to think of some practical solutions to improve kitchen area, increase its space and make spending time in it a little less bothersome. I shall show you now a few trick that will work wonders in your small kitchen.

1- Use wall space. You can never have too many kitchen utensils and appliances in your kitchen. Therefore, you need to utilize unused wall space. Install high cabinets ad use them to put away your kitchen appliances when you are not using them.

2- Arm your kitchen with the power of reflection. By reflection here I mean reflection of light. Therefore, why don’t you add some mirrors in your kitchen? And while you are at it, remember to use surfaces and colors that reflect light, like stainless steel surfaces and light colored ceramic tiles.

3- Instead of big stuffy wood chairs, use metal stools instead. Wooden chairs are hard to move and drag around, so having them in a small kitchen spells disaster. Use stools instead. They are light and easy to move around. They will also save space because you will hide them under your kitchen table unlike wooden chairs.

4- Mount whatever you could mount on the wall. Use hooks, nails, and a screwdriver to hang everything that can be mounted on the wall, like pots, pans, ladles, spice racks, kitchen towels etc.

Do not let your need for space prevent you from making your kitchen a relaxing environment. Tidy up your kitchen and make it a relaxing place for you and your family.

Pics Via : ideastodecor