Turning your Attic to a Master Bedroom

Turning your attic to a master bedroom is will give your home an additional space to be used for different purposes. When your sons grew up, you can let your old room for your elder son to provide him some privacy, or you may prepare the attic to be your musician or artistic son’s bedroom.

Your attic master bedroom will provide you with a sense of privacy and optimum view of life. When you wake up every morning and look at the sunrise and see the bright world moving under your house, you will be active and ready to experience a happy day. However, your attic will need some changes to become your dream world. Make sure that you have permanent stairs up to the attic and that your ceiling is high enough to contain the dresser and closet. Then, you should find a proper heating and cooling system to sleep in a comforting environment. During the day, you should refresh your master bedroom by the natural light. You can install a skylight with remote controlled shades to provide you with the needed privacy at the resting time. Instead, you can install a dormer window, solar tube, or solar panel.

Your attic master bedroom will need to be relaxing and spacious at the same time. You can only paint the architectural lines at the ceiling and walls dark and warm colors for the large or well illuminated attic. You may use the calm and soothing colors such as the pale green, light cream, and blue. If you have many windows in the attic, you can paint the room light or natural colors to reflect the light and make the room look wider. You can decorate your new master bedroom using throw pillows and fluffy comforters along with a few candles and flowers, and a three-way mirror.

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