Interior Design 4

Tuscan House – Tuscan Style Through Out Your House

The Tuscan style create a warm and ergonomic feeling in any room of your house , Tuscan style look fabulous and eye catching in whichever room of your house like living room , bedroom or dining room , the Tuscan style will transform the room that is designed with into a classy and elegant room with a warm feeling . Let’s get an idea about how to create a Tuscan style in different rooms of your house .

As for the living room , start with the walls , repaint the walls in a rustic color or add a terracotta tiles to the walls but if you find this task time consuming and tiring then decorate your walls with walls decals that enhance a rustic Tuscan feel they will succeed in creating the Tuscan feel and they can be removed easily without leaving any damages on the wall.

Accessories your living room with organic material decorative objects such as ceramic vases , wooden lamps , or copper candle sticks . pick them in warm and welcoming colors such as golden yellow , red , and sage green .

Accent your furniture sets with cushions covered in textured fabrics in warm natural colors like cream , shades of brown , red and sage green .
Invite a little nature in your living room by adding large pots of green plants in the corners of your living room .

And as for the bedroom , accessories your bedroom with romantic objects like copper candle sticks and indirect lights , use natural shades for the walls paintings such ad shades of earthy brown , red , golden , orange and olive green . Have a dresser in your bedroom with a good size mirror mirrors are great to make the room look bigger , add some natural plants or emulated plants to the corners of your bedroom to bring some natural feel in the room .

And last but not least the kitchen , Add window box plants to the windows of the kitchen with some natural flowers to make a beautiful fragrance coming into the kitchen , place a crystal or ceramic large bowel of fresh bread so the natural aroma enhance the feeling of kitchen .