5 Types of Bunk Beds you Must Learn About

bunk bed is considered the best choice parents consider for their children, In order to choose the right bunk bed; you must first know its types. The bunk bed has two beds the top bunk is above the others, you can find it in different styles, but there are five major types if we classified it by their size and structure. These types are listed below:-

1- The most popular type is Twin over twin beds. It is really suitable for kid’s room and it could be work in a teenager’s bedroom as well.

2- The second type is a very useful one. It is Loft bunk beds. It gives your kids’ room a big storage space which you can use in different ways. Since the lower bed is elevated of the floor. Having this bed in the room with this spare space you can use as a drawer or dressers is a real big advantage.

3- Another type is a full over bunk bed. It is framed by two full size beds placed one on top of another. This bed is suitable for guest rooms or older children if they are sharing the same room.

4- Twin over full bunk bed –as the name entails – contains a full size bed on the bottom and a twin size bed on the top. That bed is really usefuin a cases where kids of different ages are sharing the room.

5- The last type is the Futon beds which are designed as a twin size bed placed on the top and a futon placed on the bottom. You can find this bed with a futon that can convert into a sofa.

All of these types include a stable ladder in different designs. So the bunk bed must be your first choice when you think about buying a bed for your children.

Pics Via : cosa2010