Types of beds for modern bedrooms

When you see any design of modern bedrooms in furniture shops or magazines , no doubt that the shape of the bed is the first thing that mainly takes your eye . And according to interior designers , the shape of bed has a great role in changing the decor of the bedroom totally . So in this article we bring some new ideas and designs for beds that can fit wide range of tastes especially who seek for modern bedrooms .

1- The Platform bed : this type of the beds is simple and stylish at the same time . As many people tend to have it due to it more fit to modern design of bed rooms . The platform bed is provided in bold colors with bright white or creamy linens that reflect simple and comfortable appearance . You also can put a small gray or off-white rug the make the decor match together .

2- A queen or king sized bed : this bed is fit for two persons .It is still fashionable and present in many different colors that fit any taste .The main character of this bed is its shape can be changed easily by different colors and fabrics of linens that give you new appearance from time to time .

3- The four poster bed : this bed can make your bedroom as a royal room . It consider a main focal point in itself . The most famous design is the bed with gold metal posters on which draped curtains are fixed . You can add more pillows to give a voluminous look .

You can get inspiration from the following pictures.