The 4 Ultimate Basics for Installing New Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets are a very important part of every kitchen. It is even considered by many the focal point of the kitchen. They establish the overall look of your kitchen and help you put away your groceries, utensils and kitchen appliances. Therefore you need to know how to prepare and install them right. Here are the ultimate basics of installing new kitchen cabinets.

1- Decide what type of kitchen cabinets you want and how many of them do you need. So do you just need few cabinets because you are not that much into cooking? On the other hand, do you need many cabinets that will almost cover a wall in your kitchen to put away all those different spices and kitchen appliances? Do you need tall ones that reach up to the ceiling? Your choice depends on the answer.

2- You will need some materials beside the cabinets themselves. Moreover, if you are planning to use old cabinets you will need sandpaper and paint for them. You will also need nails, screws, studs and a screwdriver.

3- Inspect the cabinets and walls for any flaws. Also, check if there are any pipelines close to where you will screw the studs. Fix any flaws so that they will not cause you any problem in the future. It will also be helpful if you treat the walls and the cabinets with some sort of insect repellant.

4- Install the studs. Make sure that the studs are made of a sturdy material. These studs will carry both the cabinets – which are not light on their own- and many jars and packs of groceries, not to mention kitchen appliances. Therefore, make sure the studs are screwed tight to the walls and can support your cabinets. Installing new kitchen cabinets might seem overwhelming but the result will be rewarding. You will enjoy the fruit of your work for years to come.

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