Ultramodern Different Sex Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

If you have a girl and a boy and need to create a single room for them, you should give everyone his own personality and freedom in the room. It will be a great idea to leave a considerable space between their two beds or establish a stylish room divider between the sleeping areas and leave a space at the middle of the room to let them play together.

No matter the color you will use for such a room, but both of them should like it. You can paint the room white and orange, white and red, purple and light pink, grey, light brown, or green according to the color of furniture and your kids’ preferences.

The way of painting the room should be impressive and creative to reveal its ultramodern style. If you have a limited space in the room, you can still use a loft bed, but try to give them separate storage spaces in the closet.

Your different sex kids can share a few bedroom furniture pieces such as the desk, bookcase, and closet. The adjustable desk with two chairs will be a perfect choice in that room. Such a desk can be as long as you need, but it shouldn’t be less than a meter to accommodate your kids’ books or toys. It should be placed in a sunny or well-lit area to protect your kids’ eyes.

The ultramodern lighting system will perfectly show the real beauty of the room. You can install colorful LED lights with flowers, clouds, or round ceiling designs to give the room a glowing feel at the dark. The matching colored table lamps with whimsical shapes such as cartoon characters, sport objects, or transportation means will create a unified and true ultramodern feel in the room.

Pics Via : decorreport