Unconventional Table Lamp Design Ideas

Do you need to remodel the look of your bedroom without spending too much money? Actually, you can change your lighting system with a conventional or unconventional theme and you will be amazed by the results. This article will provide you a few ideas to the unconventional lamp tables and you will find the inspiration to complete the system.

The illuminating clock table lamp is a unique fixture that will illuminate your place and you can read the time in its light. This practical lamp can stand on a base just like the ordinary lamps and you can adjust its clock manually. The adjustable cane illuminator will let you see the objects with different lighting concentrations. The lamp comes with white and black versions and a capsuleshape to move the head up and down according to your needs.

The device charging desk lamp has a sleek and streamlined design to save more space on your table and provide you a brilliant lighting. The base of the lamp has a USB outlet to help you place and charge your smartphone or other gadgets easily.

The minimalist pylon table lamp seems to be floating without a stand, but it has a transparent acrylic base and a black shade to create a contrasting look. The adjustable tab lamps have a collection of nine components having white glowing lights with ring shapes to give the place the degree of light you need.

The unconventional elegant geometric neon table lamp seems to be a piece of art that can provide you an aesthetic and practical look. The bird table lamp can perfectly decorate your bedroom giving you the needed lighting degree. The lamp comes with white and black colors to blend with the d├ęcor of the room. These designs will certainly bring comfort and relaxation to your bedroom giving you strong illumination when necessary.