Unique Bathtub Designs for an Enjoying Bathing Experience

Having a unique experience every time you enter your bathroom will entirely change your life and renew your power. If you can install an impressive and comforting bathtub, you will mostly spend such an amusing experience after your long day of hard work.

The personal soaking bathtub will give you a spa feel using its crystal clear water and futuristic look. It has built-in lighting and audio systems in addition to the cover that resembles the pure sky. The celestial bathtub contains 360 LED lights in addition to the unique sound system that will let you change your mood while soaking into the water.

The colorful lights of the bathtub will be able to change the decor of the whole bathroom. The shore bathtub can adjust its width, length, and shape according to your demand. It can be too large so that you feel as if you are soaking in a swimming pool or too small to fit only your child.

You can install a computer controlled bathtub to your bathroom to increase the elegance and technological function of the place.The bathtub will let you control the music, lights, temperature, and scents in your bathroom. The backlit bathtub has a modern and luxurious style with external lights to attract you to soak in the warm water inside. Using a Flow bathtub, you can adjust the level and temperature of water giving you an enjoying cleansing experience.

Even if you have a small sized bathroom, you can use the perfect bathtub to have a memorable experience. For example, the swanky suspended soaker or bathtub is made of high quality materials such as carbon fiber and stainless steel in addition to the gold leaf finish to give your bathroom a beach look. You can find similar bathtubs with an underneath or side storage space to store your cleansing materials or even magazines.

Pics Via : designbuzz

Pics Via : homestratosphere