Unique Decorative and Functional Pouf Design Ideas

The pouf is one of the multi-functional pieces of furniture that can add a functional and decorative value to your living room. You can find such poufs with incredible shapes and colors to blend with almost any home decor or add a contrast to the place.

Poufs usually take the round shape to serve as a functional and decorative piece creating a sense of harmony in your living room. You can find a pouf on the shape of an apple to serve as an additional low seat, a coffee table, a footrest, or a side table according to your needs. The unique feature of such an apple pouf is that it can be separated into parts and used as pillows or even a small lounge chair.

If you have boy kids, they will certainly admire the packman pouf. Such a pouf can be divided into two parts on the shape of a small table and tiny sectional sofa that will accommodate only two people. If your seating area has a rectangular or square shape, the cube pouf will create a sense of harmony in the place.

Such a cube pouf may include a storage space for the magazines and remote controls to avoid cluttering the place. Furthermore, you can find cube poufs with different patterns and colors to add a fresh and vibrant look to your modern or traditional living room.

The various designs of your poufs will create appealing look in your own living room. For example, the fuchsia pouf will add a unique look to your lovely feminine living room, but the dark green leather pouf will blend well with your neutral colored living room. If you have a Moroccan or Turkish decorated living room, you will find round and square poufs with authentic patterns to enhance the theme of the room.

Pics Via : decornos