10 Unique Designs for your Spice and Salt Dispensers

Spending long times in your kitchen needs refreshing and whimsical elements to let you spend amusing times. There are several amusing kitchen appliances and utensils including spice and salt dispensers to give your kitchen a unique look.

The spice dispensers come with various unique designs to decorate your kitchen and increase its functionality. For example, the spherical spice dispensershave the shape of white and red rings to match your modern kitchen style. The luxurious crystalized spice and salt dispenser is handmade to include unique details and decorate your kitchen. The secretive salt and spice dispenser has a cover to hide the dispenser and add an interesting feel to your dining table or kitchen island. The lazy athlete spice dispenser will be an awesome piece on your dining table as it looks like a bowling pin with an attached miniature bowling ball.

The lighting bulb spice dispensers will remind you with the old incandescent lighting fixtures and serve as functional dispensers. These dispensers have corks on the tops to prevent air from spoiling your spices. The snazzy snow globe dispensers have white and black water globes with polar bear figurines to give the place a unique look. The spooky spice dispensers come with black and white colors to match your kitchen d├ęcor and add a playful look to the place.

The time traveling dispensers have magical designs to the time traveling machine to give your kitchen a playful feel. Your kids will certainly love that small machine in addition to the weapon wielding spice and salt dispensers that look like the black and white small ninja fighters with their masks and swords. You can impress your children by the look of the miniature rodent dispensers with their white bodies and pink nose and ears.