Unique Modern Kitchen Island Design Ideas

The kitchen island becomes one of the essential parts of the modern kitchen as it is serve as a storage space, work area, and a dining space for the informal guests. In addition, such a piece is considered as a decorative part as it can draw the shape of your kitchen and can be the focal point of the place. So, you will need to design a unique island to give your kitchen a unique look.

The aquarium kitchen island will give your whole kitchen a uniquely amazing look. Such an island will be perfect in the large and open kitchens as you will find another storage area as well as it can serve as a room divider. However, the island has a sink, a stove, and a small hidden storage area in addition to the white Corian top.

The touchscreen kitchen island will be another unique addition to your kitchen. This island has a sleek design and touchscreen glass panel to enable you see video and check your social communication sites while having food with your friends or family members. The designers allow the Galaxy tablet to be imbedded into the surface of your island giving you the ability to control your kitchen appliances such as fridge and cooktop while you are still sitting on your kitchen island with your friends.

The three-in-one will be a perfect part in your small kitchen as it will save your space and increase the function of your kitchen. The island includes a preparation area, a banquette and a glass door for the cabinet to display your glassware. The preparation area includes a sink and vegetable chopping surface to let you do all your work in one place. In general, the multifunctional island will give your kitchen a unique look because it will help it to be clean and organized.

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Pics Via : kitchendesignidea