Unique Modern Spanish Home Design Ideas

Do you love the idea of having an elegant and natural design with a combination of European and Mediterranean feel? If so, you are in the right place. Here, you will get a few interesting ideas to design a brand new home with interior and exterior Spanish effect or to remodel your existing home to get that feel.

The exterior part of your modern Spanish home should reflect their architectural culture from the first glance. To get that feel, you can use stucco sidings along the exterior part of the building. Such a layer is made of a combination of lime, marble, dust, and water to form a plaster looking material used in most of the European homes. If you can design U-shaped walls, windows, courtyard entrances, you will certainly complete the exterior look of your modern Spanish home.

Inside your modern Spanish home, you should use natural materials and rich colors such as deep orange, brown, and red to create a warm and pleasant look in the place. Your furniture pieces can be made of dark wood with elegant details and simple designsto enhance the serenity and tranquility of your Spanish home. The suitable fireplace will certainly enhance such serenity giving the place a balanced and inviting look.

The modern Spanish living room is still affected by the Moorish low seating area with mixed patterned pillows to enhance the warm and causal feel of the place. You can still use high-tech appliances in your Spanish modern kitchen with open shelves to display your sleek dishware.

Try to incorporate natural materials in the place using polished natural wood furniture pieces accentuated with natural and fresh plants. You can enhance the modern look of the place using open designed kitchen with a living room