Unique Outdoor Living Space Ideas by Jeff King

For purity, rest, and beauty, you should contact directly with nature several minutes a day. Such a few minutes will reduce the stress of life and let you reorganize your ideas and your life peacefully. This article will inspire a few ideas from Jeff King’s outdoor projects to help you design the perfect outdoor living space for your home.

Your outdoor living space should be a true expression of your personality and lifestyle. If you love cooking and having food with the company of your family members, the outdoor kitchen with a dining space will be your perfect option.

In a Bay area house, Jiff King and his team design a full functioning kitchen with a dining area, a grill, and a sink. For more enjoyment, King’s team design innovative trellis to cover the kitchen and a fun play area for the kids.

If you have a lovely garden or outdoor landscape views, it will be a great idea to add a durable deck with a couple chairs and a small table to enjoy such fascinating views while having your breakfast. Jeff King recommends the cedar for trellis and durable Ipe wood for decks, as it is sustainably harvested and molds, decay, rot, insects, and fire resistant. The two-story deck will be perfect for your outdoor multi-functional living space for your family members and kids.

It will be a great idea to design a planted roof garden beside your living room or bedroom and install large aluminum-clad windows to bring the outdoor look and flair into your home. In a San Francisco house, king’s team members install a deck beside the bedroom with an outdoor fireplace to let the homeowners enjoy the surrounding natural views and the warmth of the fireplace during the cool nights.