Unique Regency Style Home Design Ideas

If you really admire the traditional styles, you will be proud of every single part atyour regency style home. Theplace will look airy and lightwith a rich and luxurious look using antique furniture pieces and artworks. This article will provide you a simple way to design a unique regency style home, and you will use your creativity to give the place a personal touch.

The regency styled home usually consists of a bedroom, a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and an entryway. You can use a small part of your living room or bedroom as a home office or a storage room to give the place a clean look.

The dining space can be part of your living room surrounded by elegant artworks to combine the elements of the room together. The kitchen and bathroom will look marvelous with valuable natural stone floor and a combination of modern and traditional appliances and gadgets.

You can search for regency style antique furniture pieces online or in the specialized stores to increase the aesthetic look of your home. Such furniture pieces will come with plain, elegant, and slender lines with small surfaces and elaborated curves and forms at the feet. Most of the antique regency furniture pieces are made of zebrawood or rosewood with brass works. Actually, you will find antique regency furniture pieces for different rooms in your home including the bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture.

If you will build a new regency style home, you will need to plan the interior parts carefully. The tray ceiling above a luxurious foyer at the entryway with an open designed salon will give your guests an initial impression about your taste. If the home includes a second floor, it will be a perfect place for your bedrooms and living space.

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