Unique Ways to Incorporate a Moroccan Decor to Your Modern Bedroom

The Moroccan decorations are widely used in several parts of the world, as it creates a luxurious, vibrant, and distinctive look in the place. If you can decorate your existing modern bedroom using such a theme, you will feel as a king or a queen sleeping on their royal bed.

The Moroccan room decor depends mainly on the colors, patterns, and fabrics. You will need to use vivid and vibrant colors such as the rich tones of red, pink, blue, lime green, beige, and brown. The choice of the colors will certainly depend on the mood you need to create and the size of the room.

The most attractive element in the Moroccan decor is the accessories such as the golden framed mirrors, a hand-made and patterned headboard, textured ceramic vase, Moroccan lanterns, Lancaster throws, and decorative beddings. The unique patterns on the fabrics and wood give the Moroccan theme a distinctive personalitythat will give the place an inviting look. You can choose bright colored patterns to create a fantastic and refreshing mood at the morning

Your Moroccan bedroom ceiling or even walls can be covered with mosaic tiles just like the floor to create a rich and luxurious look in the place. The rich textured Moroccan carpets will look unique and inviting on the floor and walls of the room, as they will give your bedroom an authentic look. Your harem bedroom will need rich colored Moroccan curtains and colorful lamps to create a relaxing and dreamy feel in the room.

The Moroccan embroidered pillows and bed sheets in addition to the potted natural plants and romantic candles will be the final touches in such a bedroom. Do not forget to put your indoor plants in Moroccan patterned pots to create a sense of unity in the place.

Pics Via : decoist