Unusual and Astonishing Wall Murals Made around the World

The only limitation of art is the artist’s creativity; thus, artists around the world usually create unexpected items thatimpress the world with their beauty.Several artists draw unique and giantwall murals out of small pieces of different items to form unique shapes. This article will shed the light on a few artistic wall murals to inspire you to begin a similar but smaller DIY project in your home.

In California, a talented artist is able to draw an astonishing human face on the wall out of thousands of screws drilled into a wooden panel. The professional details of the artist’s work are amazing, so that he is able to draw different murals to men and women faces with different details. Another artist is able to use 10800 wooden small cubes in creating a wall mural with horse face to decorate a home or a commercial place.

Using about 43964 golf tees and aerial photograph, the artist is able to create a giant wall muralto be used in an office. Another artist uses thousands of cork bottle stoppers and a giant photo to create realistic-looking women and men faces with clear and astonishing details.

A Malaysian artist uses hundreds of books and postcards to create murals with historical faces at the size of the wall. The top part of the picture is well arranged, but the bottom is scatteredto reveal his artistic talents.

An astonishing artist uses thousands of colorful crayons and stick them together using colorful wax to result in a pixelated portrait that will change its look from different dimensions. In London, an artist uses thousands of different small objects such as nuts, bolts, and small toysto create giant murals to popular iconic and historical figures.

Pics Via : mrspandp