Unusual Elements You Can Add to Your Nature-Inspired Home by Teresa Cain

Do you love to spend most of your life enjoying the fascinating views of sky, landscape, and water? Actually, you can’t realize how it is helpful to get back to your root and look at natural elements whenever you go. If you need to create this feel in your home, Teresa Cain will provide you helpful ways in the following lines.

“I love to play with the unexpected,” says Teresa Cain of Interior Solution who loves to bring the warmth of nature directly to your home. Such unexpected ways can be simple like inspiring colors from the outdoor plants or using a couple of distressed branches as coffee focal point.

In a Vancouver luxurious home, Teresa and her team decorate the place using crisp white and blue accents in addition to the wood tones inspired from the outdoor landscape. The Interior Solution team members coordinate the interior and exterior colors and materials using wooden furniture with random and irregular shapes.

Even in the fashion-inspired home, Teresa Cain and her team decorate the foyer with a sheepskin hair bench, a hair area rug, and a vase of white fresh flowers to add a new life to such a dramatic home. The designers use long tree branches and tree trunks to serve as decorative and functional pieces along with natural elements such as steel and laminate built-ins to create harmony between the natural and artificial elements.

The natural elements usually tend to be simple and inexpensive, yet it has a noticeable effect upon your home and your own health. When you are surrounded by natural elements such as plants and water features, you will relax your body, lower blood pressure and stress level, and relax your nervous system. Apart from its decorative rule, the natural light can improve your mood and keep your home diseases-free.