Unusual Stickers to Transform the Look of your Home

The regular change of the look of different parts in your home is essential to refresh your mind and add a new feel to your life. Such a change doesn’t mean that you will replace your furniture pieces or repaint the walls every time, but you can add or remove small items including the accessories and wall stickers.

The florescent stickers can serve as a decorative and functional accessory that can be installed to the handles of your drawers, closets, and doors to glow in the dark and direct you to your way when the lights are turned off. In addition, such stickers will give your bedroom an amazing and stylish look during the day. The illusionary outdoor wall stickers will give your home a spacious and decorative look as the sticker can deceive the eye of having a real door or window and outdoor garden, but it is just a sticker on the wall.

You can customize your drawers using funny personalized stickers that will let you define the function of every drawer. These vinyl stickers come with comic shapes to refresh your mood regularly. The superhero 3D lights and stickers come with LED lights and superhero stickers to let your kids feel as if the real characters are standing on their walls waiting for the chance to save him.

You can still install coat hanging wall stickers with incorporated mirrors or white boards in your small bedroom or bathroom to let you hang your clothes and yourself before going out giving your place a decorative look.

You can decorate your kitchen with the fridge sticker that will give your guests an illusion of having a stocked fridge with a glass door. All of these stickers will certainly transform the look of your home as you can rearrange their places and change them and get different designs.

Pics Via : mofur