Interior Design 4

Unusual Storage Ideas for your Small Home

Your small sized home can turn to be a heaven with love and creativity. The hidden storage spaces will organize every space in your home, increase its functionality, and remove the clutter and unused item in a safe way. This article will offer you a few unusual ideas to keep your home clean and tidy without exerting much effort.

The hidden storage spaces will be an interesting way to hide your clutter adding more depth to your home at the same time.For example, you can create a fake wall in your kid’s bedroom with the same design and decorations of the original wall and install many drawers and shelves to store your additional items without affecting the look of the room.

If you need to apply the same idea in your home office or in your teenage boy room, you can use the bookcase as a fake door to ad interest to the room.

If you have many alcoves in your small home, you will be too lucky. You can use the alcove in your living room to store the foldable bed when you don’t have guests or to hide the fitted bookcase. The alcove in your kitchen will be a great space for a built-in cabinet or a cabinet with its countertop. The slide robes can be fitted in the alcoves and can store various items in your small-sized home.

You are not in need to create a separate laundry room in your small home. Instead, you can install a wall mounted cabinet above the washing machine to store the cleaners and untidy clothes. You can use the decorative items such as a vase or cookie jar to store your charge, medicines, keys, or even vegetables. Applying such unusual ideas will help you organize your home in an interesting way.