Valuable Tips to Restore Your Old Furniture Pieces

We love keeping our old furniture pieces for many reasons like; it presents our favorite taste with its fabrics and colors, renewing old furniture could be expensive but not more expensive than buying new pieces, and for sure the materials of the old furniture pieces are more durable and stronger than the new pieces.

The first step you should do before restoring your old furniture is to determine exactly what fixes you need to do. If your old furniture needs serious fixes, don’t risk your furniture and search for antique furniture restoration places around you or online. But, if the fixes are easy like, painting and changing screws or fabrics, you can do it at home and it’s better to start with a small piece. Before you start, make sure you have all the needed tools, and it would be better to collect some information about what you are about to do. Use all the safety precautions to protect your self from any harm. Clean the furniture pieces with a sponge, vegetable oil soap and warm water and use a tooth brush to clean the narrow places.

If you are going to refinish your furniture paint, you need first to remove the old paint before applying the new one. This removal mission may take longer time than applying the new paint, so be patient and enjoy what you do. You should try the paint’s color on a small part of your furniture to make sure it’s the color you are looking for and it’s really fit. If the screws are rusted out, you will need to change them, and if you find any small breaks in your old furniture you can fix them with wood glue.

If your furniture fabrics are dirty, you can clean them with some cleaning products like upholstery cleaner. Sometimes cleaning is enough to change an old furniture piece. But if it didn’t work and you still feel the need of a change, then it’s time to shop for new fabrics. Choose the fabrics with the materials and the colors that will fit your design and you taste and use a stable gun to stable them on your furniture. No doubt that the old furniture has a precious value, that is why most of us love keeping or buying these amazing pieces. All what you need is to do some fixes and enjoy the luxurious feeling.

Pics Via : carrocelblog