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Victorian Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Your bathroom is the most private place that you need to spend enjoying moments there. The Victorian style will ensure you an enjoying and comfortable moments with the needed privacy. Both of the window and shower curtains for such a place need to be chosen carefully to get a harmonious Victorian bathroom.

Your Victorian bathroom will need a high degree of privacy and comfort. That’s why you should pick up a metallic or dark colored curtain such as hunter green, chocolate brown, or mauve with floral patterns. This curtain along with its valancescan be trimmed with lace or fringe and gathered with embroidered tiebacks to reflect the Victorian idea. You can decorate your pull-down shades or blinds with lace curtains to give your bathroom more privacy.

The roller blind will give your bathroom the needed privacy and enhance the Victorian style of the room. It is rolled on a special tube to let you control the amount of light and privacy you need. This kind of blinds can be made of embroidered and patterned oil cloth, tracing cloth, or fine linen. If you wish to install lighter fabrics to your window, you can opt for the mesh or sheer lace fabrics embroidered from the sides. Such curtains will keep a lower degree of privacy but will provide your bathroom the fresh air and natural light that will enhance the smell and look of your Victorian bathroom.

The Victorian shower curtain is large and effective piece hanged on a circular rod. These curtains are made of heavy fabrics to give you high level of privacy. You can find them with floral or lacy patterns with the color that will match your Victorian bathroom. You may need another Victorian curtain around your sink to hide the attached plumbing pipes.

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