Victorian Bedroom – Tips on Furnishing Victorian Bedroom

Victorian furniture has a remarkably unique style, since it was influenced by all the earlier styles of its era. Therefore, you’ll find that it has no defined shape and its designs radiate with aesthetic and imperial look that no other design can come at bar with. Also, the craftsmanship is inherited from previous generations when there were no technology or catalogues, thus each piece is matchless.

The pieces of Victorian furniture are manufactured from the finest wood like mahogany and rosewood which add to their longevity and durability. Therefore, Victorian furniture would be the best candidate for your bedroom, especially if you want to bring the royalty touch of old times. Keep in mind that original pieces are of high prices due to their rarity, but if you’re on a budget, look for elegant reproductions of this period.

When you pick up Victorian furniture pieces for your bedroom, try to combine the luxurious look with the comfort appeal. For example, avoid carvings that are difficult to clean and finishes that are easily scratched or creased. And make sure that the bed frame is solid and fits the mattress perfectly. Beds are the focal point in Victorian bedrooms, so try making it showy by laying frilly quilts and fluffy pillows.

Tables are essential in Victorian bedrooms decoration as well. The most common ones are the round nightstands with wicker or marble tops which you can found easily at flea markets. Also accessories could beautifully complement your theme, so pick up some period artworks with brushed brass frames or antique vases filled with fresh flowers. With some oriental rugs and Victorian collectibles, you could gracefully complete the regal setting.

Accentuate the Victorian style in your bedroom by choosing window treatments, floor material, and lighting fixtures that are linked to the era. Elaborate window treatments such as velvet, lace, or chenille curtains will do the trick. Also, stained glass windows and wood flooring were both revived in the Victorian era. As for lighting fixtures, install some tall standing lamps, a crystal chandelier, and lampshades with Victorian patterns which will effectively add to the opulent feel.