Victorian Kitchen Curtain Ideas – Victorian Style

The Victorian style is one of the charming classic styles that will give you a warm, inviting, and majestic look. The right curtain will help you finish this look in the most fascinated way that will impress your family members and friends. This article will give you a few ideas about these curtains to let you find the suitable one for your Victorian kitchen.

Your Victorian kitchen curtain fabrics depend on the privacy and light needed in the place.If you need more privacy in your kitchen, you can oak or mahogany shades to your kitchen window and door. You can even hang a curtain with heavy luxurious fabrics such as rich velvet, regal damask, heavy cotton, lace curtains, and embroidery.

The lace curtain is used widely in the Victorian style as a separate summer curtain patterned with floral, geometric, or abstract shapes that will match your curtain towels or upholstered chairs, or as an accent for a taller curtain. It may be threaded on the curtain rod to be shorter or reach the floor and hold with ribbons to give your open kitchen a formal look.The borders of your curtain can be made of patterned cloth or simply frilled to give the curtain a decorative look.

The color of your Victorian kitchen curtain should go with the colors used in the kitchen. The Victorian style will blend with the rich colors, floral prints, and charming geometrical patterns. These colors can be that’s of your curtain, lace, or valances.The box shaped valances made of festoon and cascade and ornamented with Victorian accessories. This valance can be decorated using fringes, tassels, or beading and used during the summer to allow the fresh air and the light that will enhance the colors of your Victorian kitchen.