Victorian Living Room Curtain Ideas – Victorian Style

Your living room is the formal part of your home that will reflect your own personality and show your abilities before the strange people. Designing this room in a Victorian style will show your unique and tasteful style and let people respect your views. One of the most effective touches that should be considered greatly when designing this room is your Victorian curtain That will add the needed privacy and allow the fresh air and light give your room its own life.

The fabrics of your Victorian curtain vary according to the needed privacy and light.You can install a Victorian curtain with rich fabrics such as velvet, brocade, and cotton to give your living room a luxurious look.If you don’t prefer the heavy fabrics, you can install a violet, dull blue, or peacock green cotton or polyester curtain to enhance your Victorian theme. You can add a Victorian curtain with different colors such as purple, mauve, red, or bottle-green printed with Victorian roses.

You can decorate your Victorian living room curtain using a topper cornice or plain white short lace curtain to give the room a charming touch. The cornice that has the same edges of your trims, ribbons, and fringes will create harmony into the room. You can find the wooden, polystyrene plastic, or fiberboard cornices to choose the suitable one for your room design.The fringes, tassels, cords, and braids will give your curtain a Victorian impression.

If you prefer the traditional Victorian style, you can opt for long curtains made of luxurious fabrics such as jacquard, velveteen, de-lustered stain, and heavy taffeta with dark colors embroidered with appliques, tassels, and fringes. The decorating valances of this style can be made of woven serge wool or fibers and patterned with Jacobean designs.

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