Vintage Showcase – How to Seriously Showcase Your Vintage Collection Professionally

 Identify Your Needs : Any vintage collection is known for containing so much love and memories. Many of us have spent many hours at flea markets, antique stores, estate sales, and resale shops hoping to hunt for some precious stuff and good bargains, such as wall art, accessories, postcards, and jewelry. However, most of these items have a cursed fate, as some homeowners cannot come up with appropriate ideas and ways to make the best use of them.

If you do appreciate your unique collection and want to avoid such a similar destiny, you ought to think of special ideas to make the ideal use of them with your current home décor. For instance, you can place your china cabinet ideally to highlight your unique collection. Nevertheless, showcasing them in such a unique way is way too enough to provide your surroundings with a brand new and refreshing look.

 Curated Centerpiece
Items like vases, milk glass, and Depression glass should be gathered together, thanks to their elegance and amazing look. The center of your dining room’s table is such an amazing and suitable place where you can place them. If you want to display greens and the beauty of blooming bouquets, go for a cluster of vases. If you want some vintage items suggestions that work as a complement for your table, consider tins, lanterns, brass containers, small birdcages, or even candlesticks.

 Framed Keepsakes
Make sure to highlight your tiny and valuable collections in the middle of a picture frame by putting them on the wall. You can use glue and small layer, flat items against a fabric, or fabric backdrop itself. Seeking something perfect for this? Buttons are on the case! Besides, you can consider some gleaming vintage brooches, medals, and jewels.

 Transparent Treasures
Glass domes, or as some call them cloches or bell jars, are trendy and fashionable. Thanks to their long history, as they were used mainly during Colonial times to keep their plants in gardens safe from any harm. Also, you can use them for picturing purposes in a museum, housing insect, or even flower samples. Now, you can often use glass domes in décor to highlight pictures or any other smaller features. How fascinating it can be to showcase your old photos, cord’s rolls or ceramic features!