Wall Cladding…Wallpaper, Fabric and Wood!

Decorating your walls is becoming more and more reachable through the various options provided by fashion, technology and innovative designers. Wall decoration is no longer as simple as a fresh layer of paint, things have become more sophisticated. One interesting way of wall decoration will be wall cladding, but what is wall cladding? Wall cladding is simply covering your walls for decorative purposes and more.

This cladding can be done with several materials, for instance wall paper which became very popular amid the past century. The down point of wallpaper is that you cannot change your mind all out of the blue about and then get it back or change places and take it with you. Another way to go will be fabric, it is a more flexible material to deal with and you can just change it if you got sick of the colours or patterns of the fabric. Furthermore, fabric can be applied in various manners like blending different patterns together which will be a hell of a crazy idea that might end up in total disaster if not done correctly. However, it is a great idea if you paid careful attention to the other colours and patterns in the drapes and the furniture.

No matter what, wood remains the most elegant and sophisticated wall cladding material due to its warmth. Nice and polished wood wall cladding gives the sense of a pompous ship and that is a BINGO since ‘unique’ is our goal. Also for soundproofing, a layer of sheet rock can be used with silicone filling to glue them together. A lot of other materials can also be used in wall cladding like plastic, metal or even brick stone. The choices are endless if you ever got bored of the traditional ways, choices that will suit your taste and of course your budget.

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