Wallpaper border for teenage girls bedroom

Selecting wallpaper border is both an important and confusing task at the same time, to mothers and fathers. There are many factors should be taken into account when mothers and fathers make their choices. These factors are as follows: the age of the daughter, her likes and dislikes, the type of wallpaper border, style, and finally how long the family plans to stay in the residence.

The first factor is how old the girl is, because the style and the color differ from one phase to another. For instance, the baby girl look is suitable for babies and toddlers but it is not recommended for teenagers. Teenage girls have their own likes and dislikes which matter in choosing the wallpaper borders. Thus the age factor is really crucial to the process of choosing wallpaper borders.

There are many types of borders such as non-pasted borders, pre-pasted borders, and self-adhesive Borders. The patterns and styles of wallpaper border for girls are overwhelming such as: Ballerinas and Bows Borders, Princess Borders, Fairy Borders, Tie-Dye Cool Borders. Each one has its own features, suitable colors and materials.

Another factor that affects the choice of wallpaper borders is how long the family intends to stay in the residence. It is recommended to avoid anything too loud or colorful if the house is thought to be sold in a year or so. Moreover self adhesive borders are good in this case as they are easily removed.

Finally wallpaper choice is important and not as easy as it seems. Thus to choose suitable wallpaper for teenage girls, parents should keep in mind the previous factors.