Warm and Homey Living Space Ideas from B Fein Interiors to Apply in Your Home

The warm colors, lighting, and decorative accessories can change the mood of your home providing the place a relaxing and homey feel. This article will provide you a few ideas to create this mood in your home from the designs of B Fein Interiors.
Whether your home has outdoor natural views or not, you can still create a homey and warm look into your living space.

The living area of a glamorous suburb home designed by Barbra Feinstein and her team in B Fein interior design firm has grey walls and curtains with a brown sofa and printed pillows in addition to colorful fresh flowers creating a homey and lovely look in the place. The bedroom has a brown accent wall with floral prints, an upholstered headboard, a white sofa, and black lampshades to create a combination of harmonized colors.

In your classic home, you can still create a warm feel using beige walls, coffered ceiling, a bookcase with vivid colored background, and a warm wood burning fireplace.

If you already have such a home, Barbra and her team will inspire you to decorate the place using patterned pillows, fresh flowers, large round and square mirrors and pictures with metallic frames, and light brown Tibetan area rug. The jewel tones along with beige walls will provide your warm home a colorful touch.

In such a Scarsdale Stunner home, Barbra and her team decorate the place with jewel colored silk drapes, a corner chair, an oval coffee table, and a dark red area rug.
If you have a modern home, you can use neutral colored walls and accentuate the place with the suitable shades of yellow, orange, red, or green to reflect the natural light perfectly creating a warm atmosphere in the place. Barbra and her team apply this idea in a modern home painting the ceiling such accent colors with matching furniture and curtains.