Warm and Inviting Window Seat Design Ideas

Do you have an outdoor garden or natural settings and need to share such marvelous views with your family members and visitors? The best way to make use of such space is to build window seats on the shape of your available space beside the window.

Your bay windows will be a perfect place for the upholstered window seating area, as you will be able to gather all of your family members and enjoy talking or practicing different activities. Additionally, you can spend tranquil and romantic times alone in the place to enjoy inner peace away from the stress of life.

Such a window will need short and lightweight curtains or even white shutters to block sunlight when needed and let you enjoy the outdoor views as necessary. Such a seating area may include a storage space under the upholstered sofa and can hide the pipes and radiator or even the defections of the wall.

If you have a small space under your kitchen’s window, you can construct a warm and inviting space for your guests to wait comfortably while you are preparing food. The same idea can be applied to the small spaces, as you can use the space under window as a seating area, a work or study office, and a storage space.

Your deep window seats can serve as additional bed for your guests and for day snaps. Such a bed will need a built-in lighting fixture and an under neathstorage space to store your beddings. If it is a smaller space, it will be a perfect reading nook, especially if you have a near bookcase. You can give this window seating area a personal touch using special patterned or printed fabrics to cover the seats and window or even design the whole space yourself.

Pics Via : furniture4world