Ways Pendant Lights Can Enhance your Kitchen

One of the most crucial, yet overlooked, aspects of having the kitchen of your dreams is installing some good light fixtures. Pendant lights are gaining huge popularity for a reason, since they can provide the three basic types of lighting; general, task, and accent lighting. They also have the elegant classy look of chandeliers with a much lower price. Couple that with their diversity in colors, types, and shapes, such that you can easily choose the right pendants that would blend perfectly with the furniture and with the wished-for theme.

If you are designing your kitchen in the ultramodern look, seek out the modern-contemporary pendants with bold colors, sharp angles, and light’s straight lines. There’s also the Mediterranean style with pastel lights that would go perfectly with traditional wooden kitchen furniture. The types also include mini-pendants, bowl pendants, drum shades, and more. Their colors vary between black, blue, metallic, chromatic, and even multicolored ones which is very common.

Such a huge variety of pendants there is! The Best way to get familiar with the different styles, nearby stores, and trustworthy brands is by searching online. Also, since functionality is equally important as a beautiful atmosphere in your kitchen, pendants are extremely practical when installed. For instance, you can easily adjust the pendant’s height to control the spread of light, such that the lower it hangs from the ceiling, the less light will be distributed and the more it would be focused on the underneath area.

One of the key features of pendants is the ease of maintenance as you can easily clean the fixture while it hangs low enough. Generally, the recommended distance between the bottom of your pendant light and the ground is around six feet. Plus, all types of pendants come with open bottoms, so it shouldn’t be difficult to change the bulbs in case they burned-out. Also, the dimmer switch will allow you to modify the brightness according to your needs and make instant changes in your ambiance depending on the wished-for mood.

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