Welcoming Small Guest Rooms Decorating Ideas

The Guest room is a small room in your house that your guests use as a bedroom and sometimes with an attached bathroom. Decorating this room should be luxurious and special to let your guests feel that you appreciate them. This article will offer you a few ideas to decorate this room according to its size and location.

To create a welcoming and comforting guest room, you will begin by a combination of relaxing and warm colors such as dark goldĀ and yellow or the shades of brown and green. The combination of burnt orange with espresso and cream colors will give your power room an amazing look. Such colors should be brightened by light colored accents in the small spaces to give the place a spacious look.The soft patterned wallpaper on the wall and ceiling will create a special and amazing feel into the room.

You should use a few accessories in your guest room just like the hotels because you will need to satisfy the tastes of different people with different ages. Instead, you can decorate the room with additional storage spaces to let him place his luggage without cluttering your space. You will need just to choose the clean lined furniture with comfortable and luxurious beddings and pillows to help your guest be comfortable and relaxed. Beside the bed, you can place a table lamp and a couple of fresh flowers and an entertaining book to let your guest spend an interesting night.

If your guest room has an attached bathroom, you will need to use the same decorating system and style to create a unified look in the space. However, your guest bathroom will need a more interesting look and feel to let him relax after a long day of travelling. You can create such a feel using a modern wall-mounted fountain and glowing bathtub or even a few plants and flowers outside the shower area.