What you need to know about Victorian Kitchens and how to get it

Logically if you live in a Victorian household you should have a Victorian kitchen. You can have the Victorian kitchen you want even if you added any modern electrical appliances you want. Focus in any original Victorian features you have in your kitchen. For example if you have a Victorian fireplace you can strip it and paint it in black.

Add some charm and beauty to your room by cornicing and some ceiling roses. You can get and reinstating them from a reclamation yard if you don’t have them, buy a new plastered one just add some paint coats to have an old look.

Add lace curtains to your window to have a Victorian atmosphere also to have privacy if you don’t. Keep them away from your cooker for your safety. If you don’t want a curtain have a window with stained glass this will look great.

Accessories are the heart of any Victorian style. Show everything you have like an antique plate on your dresser, this is really functional and beautiful. Hang some copper and cast iron pans from a ceiling drying rack. Have a beautiful smell and look put some dried flowers on the kitchen’s rack.

Rag rugs are wonderful for a Victorian look also for cold flooring and they are very easy to make. For a Victorian look in your kitchen you can get some utensils for a small amount of money from antique shops and car boot sales. Have a unique and beautiful wall art using scrap books as the Victorians loved to make them.

In the Victorian times the kitchen was the activity room of the house it was usually a huge room with a pantry attached to it with sleeping place for the maid and cook. This was what you need to know about a Victorian kitchen and how to get it.

Pics Via : valleyofsteel