What you will need to be a Qualified Interior Designer

Every interior designer whatever he is an amateur one or a student, needs the right tools. If they want to get the job done with and advance their designing skills, they must have the right tools.

The usage of a color wheel is the first tool that distinguishes a designer from the other. It is used in every step of interior designing. It helps the designer to make a decision about flooring, window treatments, furniture, paint, wallpaper and other accessories.

The correct way to plan an interior design will require pencils, rulers, measuring tape, graph paper, pens, protractor and a T-square and a yard stick to have the right dimensions, edges and measurements.

Thumb tacks and push pins are also important tools to plan creatively. If you want to hang things on a wall, you will need plastic anchors, picture wire, needles, pins and cup hooks.

You want some professional grade scissors with tampered blades to be able to cut fabric. A tougher cutting tools will be needed like utility knife for opening supplies or dealing with light objects, a box cutter, a handsaw to work with tougher fabrics and wood. Also you may need a single-edged razor for cleaning and scraping tasks.

A very important tool is the professional glue gun which you will use a lot of time. And you must have a lot of extra glue sticks. Plastic ties, rubber bands, sewing needles with thread are very practical to connect things. C-clamps, pliers, screwdrivers, and hammers are needed for tough tasks also don’t forget about rollers and paint brushes.

Those were the tools you will need for sure on a daily basis. For the job requirements you might want to purchase carpets, paints, picture frames, decorative pieces, fabrics and more stuff.

A very useful s/w for any interior designer is CAD. Whatever the designer is using it to design a new room or working in a store for specialist design; the s/w is helpful it saves money and time.
Those are the tools will need to start a job as an interior designer.