Whimsical Ideas to Design Your Kids’ Playroom

As your kids are growing from a stage to another, you may think to change the function of your nursery to a playroom to let their mind and body grow soundly. The new room will need a definite theme and a corresponding layout: then, you will purchase the toys according to the gender of your kids.

Your design plan will begin by defining the function of the room. You may divide the whole room into a kids’ bedroom and playroom or it may be only a playroom. In the latter case, you may need only to place a seating are and storage spaces in one side and let the rest of the room for your kids and their toys. Try to move the other pieces of furniture from the room except the tables that will let them play Lego or dough.

The theme of your kids’ playroom should be suitable to their gender and age to take into consideration their physical and mental development. For example, the woodland playroom will be suitable for both boys and girls, as it will let them live in their magical wonderlands.

You can use your artistic talents to create shapes of small trees, leaves,grass, and cloudsout of wood or you can just use 3Dforest themed wallpaper to give the place a realistic look. The sea themewith ships and fish toys will be suitable more for your boy kids, while the castles female cartoon characters will be perfect in your girl kid playroom.

If you have several kids, you can give every one of them his own privacy specializing a certain chair for every one of them with his own storage space to store his books and toys, but try to keep the large toys as a general property for all of them.