White Built-in Designs to Transform Your Home by Rufino Labra

Sometimes, you intend to spruce up the look of a certain part of your home without breaking the bank. Actually, the best way to achieve such a look is to add a few crisp white pieces of furniture with innovative storage spaces and soothing colored handles inspiring your ideas from Rufino Labra designs.

The custom white cabinets are the most effective, yet expensive additions in your mudroom and laundry room, especially if you already has white or black quartz or even walnut countertops in addition to hidden cabinets and drawers under and behind the bench seat like such a mudroom and laundry room designed by Rufino Labra and his team.

In Linda’s mudroom and laundry room, Labra and his team install white floor-to-ceiling closets with grey backsplash tiles and black countertops to create an airy and high-functional look in the place.

Don’t be afraid to install white cabinets with glossy walnut upper cabinet pieces, white or black quartz countertops, and green backsplash tiles like such a brilliant kitchen in Franklin, Michigan designed by Labra and his team. You can still install an office space in your kitchen using white maple built-in desk with storage spaced along the two lower sides of the chair and open upper shelves to display your precious collections.

A new built-in bookcase or open shelves will certainly spruce up the airy and clean look of your living space. Labra and his team tend to use the combination of glossy walnut and white painted wood to create a balanced look in different parts of the same home. You can install such new built-ins at the two sides of the existing fireplace with LED lighting fixtures under the shelves to enhance the functional and decorative look of the place. Similarly, you can add a spacious walk-in closet with different sized shelves and drawers to your master bedroom.