Who don’t want a Dreamy Bedroom?!

To get a dreamy atmosphere in your room follow these tips. firstly, choosing a suitable mattress is a very important thing for your back and how you sleep. so be careful and choose it wisely.

Now for the colors and decor, choose them according to your style and note that they should have a calming effect. you can use splashes of color if you must, but keep the rest of the room neutral.
If you want a contemporary look, block colors are your answer. assemble rugs and felt cushions on your bed or couch. A very important note, all the bedroom items should match.

Now to bedroom furniture. amount of furniture depends on the room size.focus on the bed, side tables, and a dressing tables or tall boy with draws. Built-in wardrobe is very important in addition to a full length mirror. If a space is available add small sofa or a couch and/or a small two-seater. YOU don’t want a too large items it will only cramp it. A day bed is a wonderful addition for relaxation.

How to place your lighting. It’s known that you want your bedroom to be dreamy, lamps are great for this. it’s enough to put one in each side of the bed. if this is not enough specially at night add one your dresser.If your room is modern style you need a light fixtures which are adjustable. Candles are a wonderful addition specially scented ones, they are relaxing and help you sleep. NOTE : NEVER EVER LEAVE CANDLES BURNING WHILE SLEEPING.

Buying your bedroom. You can buy your room as a set or in individual pieces. But i should tell you buying it as a set is the better way because, all the items will be matching. But if you want to choose your items modern bedrooms are great for that, as they have a wide range of choosing, and whatever you choose will look great together, also they create a clean bedroom look.
If you want to save money, make a good deal by buying a number of items from the dealer, this way he will be more flexible with the price.

last but not least the final touches on the room. It differs from a style to another. If it’s modern you don’t need many accent pieces, make “less is best” your motto. so make sure your choose wisely.

We spend one third of our lives sleeping. This means that more than that time we are spending in our bedroom. Hence, your bedroom should be a special place for you.