Wonderful Ideas to Decorate your Modern Garden

A house with its garden is the house that has a soul. If you have such a house, you will need to take care of that soul regularly to be able to spend marvelous times with your loved ones. You can apply several ideas to regularly increase the beauty of your garden such as planting new flowers and fruits and keeping all of your plants fresh.

In addition to the regular care of your garden, you can use your creativity and artificial sense to turn your garden into a wonderful portrait. All of what you need is to plant several groups of different colored vegetables, fruits, and flowers in circular, rectangular, or square shapes to result in harmonized shapes. This self-decorating system will need only two chairs and small table to let you spend an amusing day with your partner.

Still, you can add interest to your garden creating a stone pathway from the door of your with a decorative fountain at the middle of the green area near your pathway. The natural scene will be complete by a small water stream if the space permits. The banks of such a stream will be an ideal space for leather or rattan furniture.The right lighting fixtures will make your garden an ideal place at night.

If you have a small spaced garden, you can plant your vegetables in Mediterranean colored barbecue bowls and place beach pebbles or colorful stones in a clean lined corner to give your garden a fresh beach theme. If your garden is in the backyard, it will be a great spot for your dining area in addition to a play space for your children. This area can be decorated by a birdbath and feeders to see different kinds of birds while you are enjoying your dinner.

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