5 Wonderful Ideas for Decorating with Mosaic Art

Mosaics are pieces of art made by gluing small pieces of tiles, mirrors or similar materials next to each other on a surface. There is something about how mosaics look that have always enchanted people since the beginning of time (some mosaic art pieces date back to ancient Egypt). Check with us these great ideas for decorating with mosaic art.

1- The pots of your indoor potted plants look ugly and boring? Use mosaic art by breaking old tiles of different colors and then gluing them to the surface of the pot with cement. Even simple decorating designs will look gorgeous with mosaics.

2- Get a regular plain old mirror and turn it into a masterpiece using mosaic art. Use pieces of broken tiles here as well, or better still, you could get an assortment of colorful marbles and glue them to the surface of your mirror with a glue gun. The mirror will look breathtaking and can work as a centerpiece for any room.

3- You can decorate with mosaic art Even if you do not want to use tiles or decorate large spaces or large pieces of furniture. Use soda bottle caps to decorate photo frames, and use pieces cut from CDs to decorate trays and cabinet doors, or even create your own disco ball.

4- Want to give your windows some dazzling effect? Then how about decorating its plain old frame with mosaic art? Use small pieces of broken tiles, mirrors in your mosaic decoration to create the dazzle.

5- Regular lamps are boring and expensive? Then how about this idea: cut a square piece of wood as a base then attach a light bulb with its electricity cable to it, then glue four rectangular pieces of glass to the base to make cubicle-shaped shade. Use mosaic art to decorate it and paint the space between the pieces with acrylic paint. How this lamp will look when lighting it is an experience like no other.

Pics Via : cacakitchen