4 Wonderful Ideas for Utilizing Kitchen Space

Every housewife wishes to see the place where she does most of her work organized and pretty. However, this is difficult sometimes because most people live in small houses with much smaller kitchens. Therefore, keeping a kitchen neat and organized, and at the same time elegant and easy to use has become very difficult. You will read in this article about some of the most wonderful ideas for utilizing kitchen space.

1- Tear down unnecessary walls. If there is a wall between your kitchen and the dining room or the living room tear it down. In its space put some kitchen cabinets with a countertop. Now the original space you had for the walls can be used for placing kitchen appliances or a double sink.

2- Do not put too many things on your kitchen floor. Things like a trash bin or mobs and brooms will consume what space in your kitchen and make it look cluttered. Put the brushes, the brooms and the dustpans in a cabinet. As for your trash bin you could put it inside a cabinet under the sink or inside a basket mounted on a suitable place on the wall.

3- Screw some hooks to your kitchen walls. Also, install a hanging rack for your pots, pans and every other utensil that could be hanged. This will save so much space in your kitchen cabinets that you could use for other things. In addition to that, you will not need to dry them as air and gravity will.

4- Choose round kitchen tables instead of square ones. Round kitchen table will not consume as much space as square kitchen tables. To lessen the space it takes even more use backless kitchen stool so that you could push them under the table when you are not using them.

Having a small kitchen does not mean you have to give up on making it better. There are many other wonderful ideas you can use to utilize the space in your kitchen.

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