5 Wonderful Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look Better

If we are to describe kitchen in military terms, then kitchen is the headquarters of the house. A place this important has to look good, but the problem is that it is not easy to make a place where a lot of action happens look good all the time. There are, however, few things you could do to make your kitchen look much better.

1- Keep your kitchen clean and clutter free. This is not just for decor. Keeping your kitchen clean is critical because you are handling the food you will eat. Therefore, it is necessary that your kitchen stays clean. Also keep it clutter free so that you find and do everything quickly and avoid dropping or breaking things accidentally.

2- Make it fresh and lively. Liven your kitchen ambiance more with plants. They lift spirits quickly and make any place look much better. Do not use fake plants. They look fake to anyone and they get dirty quickly. Get air plants that need very little attention.

3- Use prints and cut out stickers to decorate your kitchen. You can stick them on your kitchen walls, on the refrigerator or above the stove. For a kitchen, use prints with food themes like candies, fruits, vegetables and desserts.

4- Give your kitchen cabinets some attention. A lick of paint will do your kitchen cabinets a whole world of good. You can be creative and color them in stripes or polka dots, and you could use stencil for painting them.

5- Use fabrics for kitchen as well. A kitchen window curtain tailored well and decorated with beads or ribbons will give your kitchen a cute touch. Also, make covers for your kitchen stool tops from fabric and change them with a new set to renew your kitchen look. A kitchen well taken care of shows how much its owner loves it, so make sure you love your kitchen.

Pics Via : hidehome