Zebra Strips with Pink for Girlish Bedroom Designs

Girls will never give up on pink color when they are young they would love to have everything around them painted in pink they love seeing pink as the overwhelming and dominating color in almost everywhere they go . pink is a very girly color it reflect the passion and tenderness of a girl which make it most favored color for the majority of little girls , even when they grow up they still can’t give up the passion towards pink color .

To design a pink color for a grown up girl or a lady requires factors that are quit different than designing a little girl pink room . a grown up girl will tend to have a more interest to have a wild tone in her bedroom accompanied with pink the black zebra strips will be optimal to do this job .

Starting with the walls , the room walls can be painted all with light pink or white color with different shades of pink , light gray wall along with pink will be super as well while , creamy beige will add a noticeable fantastic girly elegance to the room without taking the attention from the main color which is pink .

If you are going to choose wood furniture then better you get them painted in chocolate brown shades bed head and foot borders , shelves , side commodes , closet , and dresser painted in chocolate brown shades will successfully complement the pink in your bedroom .

Bedding , bed lines can be having more wild themes , the zebra black and white strips will be a magnificent match with the browns and the pink or even black and pink zebra strips will still enhance the wild girly effect of the room .

Curtains can also be painted with zebra strips either black and white to break the pink or if you like intensive flavor of pink have them stripped pink and black they still will look awesome and satisfy your girly taste .

Wood flooring is ideal or you can consider carpeting with light pink carpets , furry creamy beige carpets will tie all the colors of the room together and match them up . You can accessories your wall with chocolate brown framed mirrors or increase the wild effect by having zebra printed frames for a wild animal painting .

Pics Via : homedecorationn

Pics Via : sauwa