Zen Bedroom Interior Design – Zen Design

Which place would you resort to after a long stressful day to unwind? The majority of us if not all of us would answer with the bedroom. However, if the bedroom doesn’t have an appropriate interior design and is filled with clutter, can it still be a refuge for the exhausted? Zen bedroom interior design makes the room a true relaxing haven when executed correctly, so follow the next hints to achieve this magnificent design.

Since Zen design is all about serenity, it makes sense to get rid of all the extra clutter in the bedroom. You don’t have to lose your beloved items for good, but rarely used objects are better placed in a storage area like the garage, basement or attic rather than the bedroom which is designated for relaxation. In order to precisely apply Zen bedroom interior design, you have to remove electrical appliances like TV sets and electrical blinking clocks. If you can’t live without a certain appliance, you can use the help of Asian screens to hide them when not in use.

The painting and flooring in Zen interior design are pretty basic. Choose bamboo flooring for a sophisticated Asian flair. The most common wall painting in Zen design if off-white but the walls can be adorned with works of art that you would like to see in the bedroom. Placing pictures in black lacquer frames beside each other or diagonally are stylish options.

After taking care of the interior design walls and floor, it is time to place the furniture pieces. Zen furniture is sleek without any carvings. Zen bedroom furniture includes a low futon or platform bed, a horizontal dresser and simple bedside tables. Conclude your Zen interior design with accessories such as a small fountain with floating candles and lotus flowers, and add ambient light by hanging Asian lanterns from the ceiling.