Zen-ize Your Bedroom with These Fantastic Ideas

The Zen Philosophy revolves around achieving tranquility and balance through controlling the flow of energy in your surroundings. With this concept, it is no wonder it has become so popular, especially for interior designers. Zen décor is one of your strongest weapons against fast-paced hectic life. Learn here how to Zen-ize your bedroom.

1- Use soft neutral colors. Neutral colors convey a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Soft shades of grey, beige, white and brown especially have that effect. Achieve the Zen effect by using different elements in these colors to complement each other.

2- Avoid cold manufactured tiled surfaces as much as you can. Use wooden floorings and rugs made of natural materials like cotton or wool. Parquet floors are your best choice because they are easier to maintain than expensive wool rugs. Make sure they are in neutral colors.

3- When choosing curtains for your room, avoid synthetic fabrics. Choose fabrics that enhance the comfortable ambiance (the Zen effect). Keep your bedroom atmosphere light and relaxing with light cotton or wool curtains.

4- Use wall sconces and wall-mounted lights and choose low wattage to make sure they give out soft light. Use nightlights for the bed area to keep the light soft. Avoid harsh strong overhead lights.

5- Choose simple furniture. Make sure your bedroom furniture (dresser, wardrobe, chairs and nightstand) has clean simple lines. Avoid extravagant carvings and excessive decorations. When decorating your bedroom with baskets and cushions, make sure they have the simplest patterns in neutral colors.

6- Electronic devices disturb the flow of energy and harm balance. Do not put your TV set, mobile phone, computer or DVD player in the bedroom.

7- Enhance the relaxing ambiance by using plants for decoration. However, avoid exotic plants that need a lot of maintenance or anything with flowers of strong fragrance. Making your bedroom as relaxing as comfortable through Zen decor is a worth-following idea.

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